Mission Statement

The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva strives to create a foundation of love for Hashem and His Torah through joyful and meaningful Jewish experiences in which children grow and flourish. Our goal is to provide the best in contemporary early childhood education, fostering creative thinking and problem solving.   We are committed to working with our families to facilitate the physical, social emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of each child.


About Us

The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva is a certified Pennsylvania Keystone STARS facility.  Our curriculum and assessment programs are based on the latest research in early childhood development.  The staff consists of dedicated early childhood educators committed to ongoing professional development. Our low teacher/child ratio enables us to create individualized experiential lessons geared to the unique needs of each child. 


Walking Through Our Program you Will Experience:

  • The sweet sound of Torah and Tefilah as our little ones learn to daven with joy
  • The humming sound of music sessions and the hubbub as children learn to appreciate music by way of song, instrumentation, movement, and of course, laughter
  • Process oriented art activities that foster self-expression and creativity, allowing a child’s imagination to soar
  • Children painting, constructing, molding, cutting, baking and more, reflecting their choices and level of development.
  • Exploring… growing… climbing… play, play, and more play indoors and in our out, state-of-the-art playground
  • Science that is hands on and experiential
  • Parsha and Alef Beis coming to life, imbuing the children with Torah-true values.
  • Children as young as 2 years old dictating stories, “writing” in their journals, and creating poetry.
  • Hands-on playful learning throughout a variety of learning centers for much of the day
  • Individualized Developmentally Appropriate learning that meets the needs of every child
  • Infants communicating in Baby Sign and toddlers relaxing with Baby Yoga



Inspired by the weekly Torah Portion, Jewish holidays and values, our integrated curriculum promotes independence by offering choices and encouraging children to take the initiative.  We use The Creative Curriculum® which aligns with Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and includes literacy, early math, science, and social studies.


Behavior Management

Our program uses behavior management practices that are proactive and preventative.  Children are taught the skills they need to regulate their own behavior, empowering them to make good choices.  Positive behavior is further supported by an enriched environment, on-going observation of individual children, as well as close supervision.