April 27, 2020


 Dear Yeshiva Family:

 The Yeshiva Schools scholarship application materials are now available online. This year, we are again using the services of the FACTS Management Company for our scholarship application. FACTS provides this service to similar institutions in Pittsburgh and across the country.  Please note that the Pittsburgh Jewish Educational Improvement Foundation, which administers EITC scholarships to Yeshiva Schools, has also begun to use FACTS for their scholarship application. Both Yeshiva Schools and EITC applications can be completed by clicking the link below. 

 Please complete the online application form by clicking https://online.factsmgt.com/aid. In the online process, you will have the ability to upload your most recent tax return and pay statements. Alternatively, the documents can be submitted to the Yeshiva Schools business office. Completion of the scholarship application and submission of a tax return and pay statements is due no later than Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

 Only modest scholarships will be awarded to children in programs younger than kindergarten, and no scholarships will be available to children who have not turned 3 by August 31, 2021. However, CCIS (Child Care Works Subsidized Child Care Program) and Pre-K Counts funding may substantially offset the cost of tuition for children in The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva. Information regarding CCIS and Pre-K Counts is also attached.

For those families completing the scholarship application by May 26, Yeshiva Schools will cover the $35.00 fee charged by FACTS. Those families who miss the deadline will have to pay the $35.00.

 We realize that the COVID-19 crisis has caused financial uncertainty for many families. Please complete the application as best you can. In the months ahead, any necessary updates for changing financial circumstances will be handled in a thoughtful and compassionate fashion.

 For questions about scholarship policies, please contact us at scholarships@yeshivaschools.com.

 For assistance with your scholarship application, please contact Mrs. Ashirah King at aking@yeshivaschools.com.

Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh.


 The Scholarship Committee,

Chaya Engle, Yosef Goldberg, Chaim Oster, Yonasan Sanford, and Charles Saul



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