Welcome to The Early Learning Center at Yeshiva Schools

Please visit www.yatparent.com to enroll your child for the 2019-20 school year! 

Admission slips for the first day of school will be issued to you when the following items are complete:

  • Online Enrollment
  • Submission of all required paperwork
  • Payment arrangements for school fees

Upon completion of the above, admission slips (together with the school laminated calendar card, Parent Student Handbook, and a family directory) will be available for pickup from the business office (2100 Wightman St, 2nd Fl), or the front desk at the girl's school (6401 Forbes Ave, Denniston entrance), starting Monday, August 19th-Tuesday, August 27th.

On this page you will find links to:

  1. Directors' Welcome Letter for School Year 5780 (2019-2020)
  2. School Forms
  3.  Additional Important School-Related Information

Directors' Letter

Please read the TELC Directors' Letter, which includes important registration information and a forms checklist.  

School Fees 

         Please click on the following link to pay preschool fees: Preschool Fees

School Forms

All students must have the following forms filled out and submitted to the preschool office by August 9th, 2019: 

Pre K Counts students must also fill out: 

Kindergarten students must also fill out:

  To view Elementary - High School Forms, click HERE

Additional Important Information