Yeshiva Girls High School
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, established by the Frierdiker Rebbe ob"m, as Achei Tmimim, is dedicated to the growth and development of responsible students, who will take their place as leaders in their communities, strengthening Jewish identity and commitment wherever they go. 




 Challenging Judaic studies curricula which prepares our students for seminary

  • Integrated Chumash and Sichos program
  • Nationally recognized Ivrit program
  •  All taught according to level of each student – yet fluid, allowing for mid-year movement
  • Jewish history, Navi, Tanya, Hashkafa, and more

Full general studies department:

  • Meeting state standards for a high school diploma
  • Science and Computer Labs
  • Physical Education

Extracurricular courses:

  • Sewing
  • Art
  • Computers  

Most importantly, Yeshiva provides:

  • Caring, individual attention to the academic & emotional needs of all students
  • Small classes
  • Personal and lasting connections with dedicated teachers

 In today's ever-changing world, growing up needs more support than ever before.


Our girls have the advantage of:

  • An active G.O. providing varied opportunities for creative development and organized extra-curricular activities, including Production and retreats
  •  Talented Mechanchos who develop strong Chassidishe hashkafos
  • Community chessed and outreach
  • Farbrengen Committee to help develop the inner chassid within each student
  • Housing in a warm, home environment 


Under the direction of 

Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld, Dean

Mrs. Bat Sheva Deren, Principal


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